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The story of a young family, a small van, and a great, incredible adventure.


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Andrea Garbuglia

You have been a source of inspiration for me and, I believe, for so many other people. For this I thank you. "Per aspera ad astra" Good life and a good road to the three of you and, of course, to ermanno. Go on!!!

Lodovica Liguori

I had the pleasure of seeing it. It's really a crazy thing, you can not express it with words. You are living proof of how much determination and love leads wherever you want. You are a source of inspiration!

Davide Ferro

Purchased the digital version and watched right tonight, along with the rest of my "Gypsy family" (Cristina and Chica-bau-bau) ... Just a quick comment: GREAT!

Massimo Coni

Purchased the digital version and watched together with fellow travelers. FABULOUS! And as owner of 238, well, what to say ... thank you encouragement! Now I can try the things I thought without too many thoughts

Ar Lenrsandro

Purchased the box! You have done a wonderful job! As soon as Harrison resurrects, we hope to get busted in free somewhere!

Thomas Alves Salvioli

Exciting and engaging. A documentary film that manages to get into the heart of the viewer making experience first hand the difficulties and emotions of such a demanding trip. Seeing Ermanno on Canadian highways was exciting. The Italians who decide to go and live abroad are very interesting. To say that the final reunification is moving is not enough. You were great guys, from every point of view.

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Companions in high school, then engaged, now family. Ermanno, FIAT 238 B1, is our only means.


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Class 1985

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The trip

From Saint John to Toronto and back. The Road To Canada itinerary.


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